Charles Steinkuehler

You have reached Charles Steinkuehler's home on the web.  In case there are lots of Charles Steinkuehler's out there, I'm the one currently living in Topeka, KS, and most of my relatives are from the Missouri area (Sweet Springs, Concordia, Marshall, &c).

A few of the things I've been up to recently:

K-2 Soccer information coming soon!


1999 Ford Explorer XLT AWD for sale

Older news:

wIndependence Day Parade Float

I'm making a parade float in honor of the first annual wIndependence day...this is a chronicle of my progress.

BattleBots - TeamBruteForce

I build combat robots and compete in the BattleBots under the guise of TeamBruteForce.  Sadly, I haven't had much free time (or money) to do this lately, so bits of my robots have been finding their way to new uses (like the wIndependence day float, above).  WARNING - This site contains a lot of stale updates happen with less frequency than my participation in BattleBots, and I've missed the last two BattleBots :<

LEAF - linux based firewalls

I've done quite a bit of development on single-disk floppy and CD-ROM booting linux firewalls.  If you need a secure and configurable firewall, VPN gateway, and/or internet connection sharing appliance, check out the various distributions available as part of won't be disappointed.